SPAE Board of Directors

Michael Herron

 President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary & Webmaster

Diane McCullough

Artistic Director & Grants Administrator


Carolyn Peters


Diane Betts


Johnny Martin


Julia Kelly


Alex Sutherland

In Memoriam

In the belief that music and the arts are key to connecting cultures and understanding our roots, Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education provides cultural experiences and educational opportunities in Scottish traditional arts and the historic connections between Scotland and the USA by conducting classes, workshops, lectures and public performances. Please contact us to find out more.


Good fortune, good future through arts and education



We are very grateful to our donors. Below are our donors for this year.


2017 Donors


Founding Members $1000 -


Underwriting Member $750 - $999


Sustaining Member $500 - $749


Iona Baldwin


Michael Herron


Diane McCullough


Contributing Member $300 - $499


Christopher Fulton


Mitzi MacDonald Laws


John & Judy MacLeod


William & Rebecca Ray


Supporting Member $100 - $299


Anna C. Allen


Diane Betts


Stephen Butler


Dr. Steven Nichols


Matt Pantaleoni


Carolyn Peters


Karen & Fred Schneider


Basic Membership $40 - $99


Gailya Barker


Johnny Martin


Beverly Whittington


Corporate Donors


Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation - giveSTLday




Dunvegan Foundation


E. Desmond Lee Fine Arts Educational Collaborative


Missouri Arts Council


Regional Arts Commission










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