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In Memoriam

In the belief that music and the arts are key to connecting cultures and understanding our roots, Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education provides cultural experiences and educational opportunities in Scottish traditional arts and the historic connections between Scotland and the USA by conducting classes, workshops, lectures and public performances. Please contact us to find out more.


Good fortune, good future through arts and education

Scottish Partnership for Arts and Education





Artists In Residence:

1. Scots traditional fiddle

2. Scots song

3. Gaelic song/language

Artists work with students for 4-9 hours at each school and then present

a concert for the whole or part of the rest of the student body at each



Interdisciplinary Project:

Connections: Robert Burns and Paul Laurence Dunbar – Voices of the People

Scots song, poetry writing, art project – local artists work with students on understanding the importance of poetry in telling the stories of people who might not otherwise have a voice.  The use of dialect by both poets is explored as well as other significant connections between the two poets and students write their own poetry.

Classes demonstrating connections between Scottish traditional music/history and African American music/history

These classes are inter-active, thought provoking sessions showing how these two musical cultures have been intertwined since the earliest Colonial days in the USA.


Concerts at the Focal Point


1. Brian McNeill, fiddler, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter

2. Jil Chambless, Scots singer

3. Jim Malcolm, Scots singer and songwriter


On our website: Teaching/Practice materials & film of our Gaelic Psalm Singing and American Music Conference, April 25-26, 2015





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